QSRs Implementing the Technology We Know We Need
October 20, 2016

As customers begin to demand technology sophistication from QSRs, those restaurants that have invested in technology ahead of the curve are taking the market by storm. In other words, if you have not begun to invest in more sophisticated, robust technology, you’re probably falling behind and your customers are beginning to order elsewhere.

Software Bill of Rights
October 13, 2016

Our job is to make software that helps our clients be more successful. Easy to say, difficult to accomplish. The Software Bill of Rights are the expectations we believe our customers should have during any software project.

People Centric Software Development
October 12, 2016

Software development, especially custom business software, is both exciting and extremely difficult. Two companies are never the same, nor are their software needs.

What is Custom Software Development?
October 10, 2016

For some, software development can be hard to understand, and many people think of it as developers sitting in a dark room behind a computer screen writing code that somehow becomes the software our businesses can’t run without. But software development is much more than that and we wanted to create an experience for our clients that is so much more than what is described above.

An Extremest, a Procrastinator, and Goldilocks Walk into a Bar... Who Do You Work For?
July 29, 2016

When thinking about working at a new company there are a ton of things to take into consideration, and it can be quite overwhelming. There are things like salary, benefits, how “cool” the place looks, and sometimes even perks like free food and bangin’ parties. These things tend to be the primary focus during the interview process, but are those really the most crucial aspects of a job?